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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Connection management problem

> I think we should modify the way the SESSIONSTATE is handled 
> in the kernel 
> part of the stack. When the stack receives an RFCOMM 
> connection/disconnection 
> request on a non 0 dlci, it should call 
> bt_register_rfcomm/bt_unregister_rfcomm. These functions 
> should not be called 
> when dlci == 0 because anyway, no tty data will ever go thru 
> this rfcomm 
> connection.
True, however bt_register_rfcomm... is only called when a data 
dlci is connected. However, we should change the unregister part 
to when the data channel disconnects instead. David, can you try 
this out and post a patch ?
> David.
> -

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