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RE:[bluetooth-dev] What should an SDP configuration file look like?

Hi steve,
I agree one of the solution is too hardcode the database or store it in a binary
  To get a solutio
n of modifying the contents of the database at runtime. I will like to add further
Allow the application to register(Insert) its service record (again it is hardcoded in that application)
in the dynamic database. U can have functions like add attribute(delete attributes) for the newly created service record.
Even u  can unregister the service by deleting the service record from the dynamic database.
I hope it will clear alot.
think that XML is fine for many systems, and i have mady conisderable
headway in writing a parser to read a fairly user-friendly XML format.  For
the embedded space, it is true that XML is alot of overhead.  Perhaps there
it would be better to just hardcode the database or store it in a binary

The one issue that there is no solution for so far is how to modify the
contents of the database at runtime.  Several of the standard attributes are
useless without this ability.