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[bluetooth-dev] Testing HCI layer through Digianswer's MKII card

Hi everybody,
    While testing our own stack(which has RS232 layer, HCI driver and the other upper layer) and using HCI router of digianswers demo card in another m/c, Both the m/c r connected by null modem at serial ports. I feel it will like a simulation since the h/w is goi ng to be skiped, since the paaket will be routed to the the serial port instead of going through the host controller.
    The question here is
1)    In this case only one half of my HCI driver is going to be tested(the command part) and the event listening part will be useless
    for this case. How can i verify the the whole (HCI Driver+RS232)
2) Is there any toolkit available in the market through which mystack(RS232, HCI driver and other upper layer) can be tested completly irrespective of the language used for the coding.
thanks in advance,