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Re: [bluetooth-dev] can't compile

Hi ...

Mattias Ågren wrote:
> Here are some issues that needs to be taken care of :
> 1. It would be great if someone could put together a list of all
>    major things that needs to be fixed.
> 2. Proper documentation on several parts of the stack
> 3. Updating the FAQ on SF with all the issues that has been seen
>    on this mailing list
>    ( http://sourceforge.net/docman/new.php?group_id=19666 )
> 4. A good tutorial on how to install the stack.

Eventually we need yet another HOWTO. So I started putting together
something that might one day become a Linux Bluetooth Installation
HOWTO. You can find my first draft on


I would very much appreciate all kind of input on the document.

Regards ... Frank

 Frank Kargl          Multimedia Computing, University of Ulm, Germany
   Use the SOURCE, Luke !  I feel a great disturbance in the SOURCE.
            But beware of the Microsoft side of the SOURCE !
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