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[bluetooth-dev] parallel waiting for new connections on different lines


I have a GUI demo application with three services on BT lines 0,1 and 2. 
To handle incoming connections the GUI (main process) spawns three processes 
- each of them opening a new TTYBTC (opencontrol) and calling ioctl 
BTWAITFORCONNECTION on lines 0,1 and 2.

If there is e.g. a connection on line 0 the process sends a byte via pipe to 
the GUI to indicate that there is a new connection and terminates.

Everything works fine if only one "wait-for-connection"-process is running 

But if i start the second service which means that a second process calls 
BTWAITFORCONNECTION my app hangs completely and even the driver.
-> result: complete reboot

Did you have similar problems?
Could it be that it is not possible to call
ioctl BTWAITFORCONNECTION on line 0 and
ioctl BTWAITFORCONNECTION on line 1 in a parallel manner?


LOMI, University of Ulm, Germany
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