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[bluetooth-dev] SCO handle - Ambiguity in Size

Consider the following cases.
Case 1:
From TCS :7.4.14 
The purpose of the SCO handle information element is to enable the remote
side to associate the established SCO link with the ongoing call. The SCO
handle is identical to the SCO handle exchanged in the LMP_SCO_link_req
sent by the piconet master (see LMP, Section 3.21 on page 226). 
From Fig 7.20 it was derived that the SCO handle is considered to be a single
byte. Which is equal to LMP SCO handle value u_int8. 

Case 2:
However in the HCI Connection Complete Event ., the Connection_handle
whatever it returns is 12bits. (Sec 5.2.3 HCI Functional Specification) 
Since this is the handle which will be returned as a parameter when we issue
Add_SCO_Connection, we derive to the conclusion as size of SCO handle 12bits.

Thus from Case 1 and Case 2 we reach to two conclusions for size of SCO
handle of which case 2 forming superset over Case 1. 

Now if we follow case 2 i.e., 12bits, how would we send the SCO_HANDLE in TCS
as its specifications mandate this size to be just 8bits ? 

Thanks and Regards,

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