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Re: [bluetooth-dev] can't compile

Hi ...

Mattias Ågren wrote:
> you should recommend people to use the applications in
> the /experimental/ directory not the _old_ btd which is in /btd/..
> We don't update apps/bluetooth/btd anymore and recommend
> everyone to use /apps/bluetooth/experimental instead.
> In this code a lot of the issues you are mentioning in yout readme have been fixed.
> By the way : Will anyone object if we remove the btd directory and rename the experimental to something more
> appropriate ???

That would surely be helpfull. We started using the "experimental" tools
and they worked fine. But we had a bad feeling on advising people to use
them, because they are obviously markes as "experimental". I will change
the text immediately.

Regards ... Frank

 Frank Kargl          Multimedia Computing, University of Ulm, Germany
   Use the SOURCE, Luke !  I feel a great disturbance in the SOURCE.
            But beware of the Microsoft side of the SOURCE !
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