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[bluetooth-dev] writing of applications

hallo out there,

i'd like to write an application transferring data from one bt-device to 
another bt-device. therefor i do not want to use rfcomm. the data should 
directly sent and received by the l2cap-layer. 

my question is: how should i do this?

in the experimental directory there are few files (bt_if.*, bt_misc.*, 
bt_vendor.* ...) with some useful functions in it. then there is the 
directory linux/include and linux/driver with a lot of files for building 
the kernel-modules. 

if i write an application, do i have to use the functions etc. provided by 
the experimental directory or by the linux/driver and linux/include 

another question is:
i played around with a simple inquiry. therefor i used bt_inquiry from 
bt_if.c. after that i would open a connection with bt_connect (also from 
bt_if.c). but i have to give a bd_addr as parameter. 
the problem is: how do i get the address from the inquiry? the return value 
for bt_inquiry is "void" :(
so i have to do a inquiry with ioctl(bt_cfd, HCIINQUIRY, inq_res) like 
bt_inquiry do it...

thanks for answering


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