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[bluetooth-dev] Bluetooth USB problem on SA1110

    Presently we are tring to make the bluetooth stack work on SA1110
architecture with USB as the transport layer.on linux-2.4.5. The connection
establlishment proceeds upto the device enquiry point .
 But as soon as I send the first ACL packet ,  an event is generated for
MAX_SLOTS_CHANGE which axis  protocol it seems does not support .After
that, the l2cap protocol connection times out .
   I am confused whether its a problem caused by the generation of an event
which my protocol does not support or because of the fact the ACL packets
which gets converted to Bulk packets in the USB driver, getting stalled ( a
problem of  bulk URB queuing).
    The ACL packet send from the client side never shows up in the server
Any help would be highly appreciated.

Phani Ram,
Pervasive Group,IBM India Software Labs,
Golden Enclave,Airport Road,
Tel: 526 2355 Extn: 3715

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