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[bluetooth-dev] Found suspected logical bug in SDP

Hi everybody,
1) While going through sdp.c, i found that in sdp_config_cfm, the sdp queries can only be asked as a Master i.e initiator=1
Which is quite contradictory accord to the bluetooth  sdp profile. Logically, both the m/s and slave should be able to ask for queries irrespective of who has taken initiative to create connection.
2) I am unable to understand why in sdp.c, rfcomm.c, tcs.c u have included the functions for creating connections. Is it not possible to write an l2cap application as a part of BT_MODULE_CTRL that can create connection to the remote device when  invoked by the user and return the handle to be used by the rfcomm/sdp/tcs.
 I think this will reduce unnecessary burden of the code.
I will like to hear  suggestions and comments.