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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Where to find Bluetooth drivers under Linux OS

>I'm looking for drivers under Linux to support different PCMCIA cards 
>with bluetooth. Does anyone know of any existing Linux drivers to use
>directly under Linux ?
So far I haven't seen any Linux drivers for PCMCIA Bluetooth hardware :(.

>I know that Digianswer only has a binary driver for their PCMCIA cards.
They don't have it.

Actually I was looking into starting a massive campaign for getting PCMCIA/CF card 
(and other nonUSB/nonUART Bluetooth hardware) supported by Linux. e.g Sending 
emails to manufacturers, getting specs and devices from them.
Is anybody interested in supporting/helping in that kind of thing ?


Maksim Krasnyanskiy	
Senior Kernel Engineer
Qualcomm Incorporated


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