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[bluetooth-dev] Confusing README files

Hi there.
I'm having some trouble reading the different README files. First there is
the one from this archive:
Wich has a fairly new date (2001), but the README says copyright 2000...

Hmm.. Next up is this one:
In that README it's copyrighted 2000, 2001 but with a date very close to
the other archive.

In both README files it says "driver for 2.0 and 2.2 linux" or something,
but the sourcecode has pleanty of checks for Linux 2.4.. Though I havn't
been able to insmod anything yet.

And while I'm at the kernel part. What is it that is included in the kernel
tree? I've been unable to figure out if and if so which parts of the openbt
stack that is included in the linux tree.

Can someone tell me why the list archive is not at sourceforge (with nice
threading display)?

Regards Martin Leopold.
Silicide A/S, Fredericiagade 16, 5. sal, DK-1310 KÝbenhavn K, Denmark
Phone: (+45) 7022 4495, Cell phone: (+45) 2836 1438, Fax: (+45) 7022 4496 
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