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[bluetooth-dev] Throughput problem

Hi all,
I connected a note PC to LAN with LAP(Linux v 2.4 PC with Open BT stack 0.0.5).
Bluetooth module used for LAP was that of Ericsson BSK.
For note PC, Bluetooth module was a PCMCIA card of Toshiba (Digianswer).
The problem is that throuput was very low when using DH3,DM5,DH5 when I sent data from LAN to note PC,
For example, when using DH5, the throughput was about 40-50 kbps (IP data level).
The reason is that maximum payload data length of all the packet types is limitted to 135 byte because data  is cut to 127byte at RFCOMM. 
Why is this so?  Is this the specificaion of Open BT stack?
Please tell me how to use DH3,DM5,DH5 at the speed noted in the core standard.
Hiro Okura