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[bluetooth-dev] Some stack questions

Hi everyone,

I am writing my MSc thesis right now and would be very grateful if you
could help me.

I have realised that there is a large demand for guidance in the choice of
software stack, and decided to write a chapter reviewing some of the
existing stacks. The intention is to assist developers new to Bluetooth in
picking a stack appropriate for their purposes.

If you wish to contribute to this review, please fill in the following
_short_ questionnaire and forward it to me (pih00@xxxxxxx.

1. Are you using Bluetooth for Academic or Commercial purposes?

2. What hardware are you using? (brand, quantity)

3. What stack(s) are you currently using/evaluating?

4. What stacks have you tested? (mark with an X)
Ericsson Bluetooth PC Reference Stack:
Mecel Bluetooth SDK:
Digianswer BTSWS:
Axis OpenBT:
Other (please state):

5. How would you prioritise between the following stack features on a
scale from 1-5? (multiple entries with same value allowed)
(5 = Critical, 3 = Useful, 1 = Unimportant)

Programming Language:
Open source:
HCI Transport layer options:
Other (please state):

6. For one or more of the stacks that you have worked with, how would you
rate the following aspects on a scale from 1-5?
(5 = Excellent, 3 = Ok, 1 = Poor)

Name of stack:
Sample code:
Other (please state):

7. Lastly, some short questions:
Do you have any multipoint kits?
How long have you been working with Bluetooth?
Any other comments?

Thank you very much for your time! If you are interested in know the
results, let me know and I'll post them to the list(s).

Kind regards,

Per Haglund

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