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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Throughput problem

#LIU YONG# wrote:
> hi, maximum i got is around 150kpbs using usb interface.  but for stable
> transmission, the bit rate cannot exceed 100kbps. we suspect that there are
> bugs in the firmware to cause a deadlock between the transmitter and
> receiver, when the tx bit rate is higher.


these datarates are very poor ! Did anybody get a statement from
Ericsson about this issue ?
I am using OpenBT with Ericsson HW (ROK101008/21R3A) and I am getting
the same poor datarates (about 10 to 15 kB/s).
The ROK is connected through the HCI-UART interface with 460800 baud to
my embedded PowerPC. That means UART speed and CPU power cannot be the

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