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[bluetooth-dev] Ericsson_Set_UART_Baud_Rate vs. Negotiation Protocol in HCI232

Sigh... Ericsson must be some mystery-monger. Sigma couldn't give me an
appropriate answer to the following question because they aren't allowed
to by Ericsson.

Can or should i better ask: is somebody allowed to answer this question?

Heiko Hutschenreiter

> -----Original Message-----
> To: Support Sigma

> What is the difference between the Baudrate setting in the
> Negotiation Protocol as defined in the
> Specification of HCI RS232 Transport layer and the vendor specific HCI
> command  Ericsson_Set_UART_Baud_Rate?
> I thougt, that to comply with the standard the Ericsson Module has to
> support this (generic) Negotiation Protocol.

From: "Support@xxxxxxx.se>
To: "'Heiko Hutschenreiter '" <h.hutschenreiter@xxxxxxx.de>
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 11:59 PM
Subject: RE: Ericsson_Set_UART_Baud_Rate vs. Negotiation Protocol in HCI232

> Dear Mr H.Hutschenreiter
> I'm sorry tha I have to dissapoint you, but since Ericsson doesn't allow
> to support this commands, we haven't got detailed information about the
> difference. Therefore I can't help you.
> Regards
> Magnus
> Teleca Comtec Support

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