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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Ericsson_Set_UART_Baud_Rate vs. Negotiation Protocol in HCI232

Hello Heiko,

as I understood the Ericsson HW does not use the HCI over RS232 layer
OpenBT also does not support RS232 transport layer for HCI packets. The
Bluetooth spec 
differentiates between UART and RS232 transport. I didn't see any stack
using the second.

> > What is the difference between the Baudrate setting in the
> > Negotiation Protocol as defined in the
> > Specification of HCI RS232 Transport layer and the vendor specific HCI
> > command  Ericsson_Set_UART_Baud_Rate?

The Ericsson_Set_UART_Baud_Rate command is used to set the UART speed
for HCI communication to a different value than the default baudrate
(that is 57600 for Ericsson HW). This is vendor dependant (don't know

> >
> > I thougt, that to comply with the standard the Ericsson Module has to
> > support this (generic) Negotiation Protocol.
Ericsson HW does not implement the negotiation protocol (as far as I
know), since it does not use the RS232 transport layer.

Hope that helps.

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