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[bluetooth-dev] Dialup Networking : how to communicate ?

Hi all,

I've now made the pairing between an ericsson phone and my PC with Axis
stack. My final goal is to connect to the internet through this phone.
I know that the phone must react as if I connected a modem to my serial port.

But Do I have to select a profile before to send AT commands ? If yes, how
could I do that ?
Is it possible to test the bluetooth connection by sending characters ? If I
use kermit on /dev/ttyBT0, kermit answers me "Can't send character". Why ?

I thought that I would just have to launch a ppp connection when bluetooth
connection is established, but it doesn't seem to be so simple... what more
do I have to do ?

Thank you for any suggestion.
Alain Paschoud                      SMARTDATA SA
alain.paschoud@xxxxxxx.ch         PSE-A
http://www.smartdata.ch             1015 Lausanne
Phone +41-21-693'84'98              
Fax   +41-27-693'84'91              
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