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Re: [bluetooth-dev] usb problem

On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 05:17:37PM -0700, ni xiao wrote:
> Hi greg :
> Thanks for ur help, I run btd by below procedure , but some error
> still persist.
> 1.  download linux kernel 2.4.9, switch on some usb items     in make
> config, make this kernel  and reboot to new             kernel.  2.
> download bluetooth stack 20010329 version and build it.
> 3. mknode ttyUB0.
> 4. When I run btd -u /dev/ttyUB0 -m, it answer me "open_device:No such
> file or directory" and exit out.
> I think it maybe caused by pc can not properly recognized usb device.
> In /var/log/dmesg file, there is a line " usb.c:USB device 2(vend/prod
> 0X8ea/0Xabba) is not claimed by any active driver"
> Do I usb driver not correctly install? Can you give me some clue?

Did you select a USB host controller driver?  Which one?
Does any other USB devices work on this linux machine?
What does the kernel log say (more than just that line) when you plug in
the device?
Is the bluetooth.o driver loaded?
What is your .config file?
Have you read the Linux USB Guide at http://www.linux-usb.org/ detailing
how to get USB running on Linux?

greg k-h
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