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[bluetooth-dev] Connection with Axis 9010

Hi all,
I'm getting the following from /proc/kmsg at the Axis 9010, can someone
pls tell me what it means?

<4>BT (driver) BTSETMSSWITCH : 1
<4>BT SYS: Force M/S switch set to 1
<4>BT SYS: lp_connect_rsp : early m/s switch
<4>lp_connect_cfm (neg), wake up flag not set
<4>BT SYS: process_event: CONNECTION_COMPLETE Unsupported Remote Feature
<4>BT SYS: ERROR :reset_hci_con_bd: Didn't find connection with con_hdl

I'm connecting to the Axis 9010 with a BT module that does not support a
role switch. It looks like the Master/slave switch is already enabled,
so why the "early m/s switch"?

Can anyone pls enlighten?? thks!!
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