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[bluetooth-dev] Question about some linux header file.


    I am a new comer of this group.
    I downloaded some linux source code from: http://developer.axis.com/download/bluetooth/.  The source code includes some header file, such as config.h, termios.h, tty.h, module.h, malloc.h, sched.h. But I can't find them from the downloaded file. Because I am not familiar with linux coding, I don't know whether these header file is linux standard header file?
    If yes, please tell me their function.

    Totally, these header file I need help:
config.h  termios.h tty.h  module.h malloc.h  sched.h
delay.h  timer.h  types.h  errno.h  fs.h  locks.h
ioctl.h  stat.h  byteorder.h proc_fs.h interrupt.h signal.h
sys/socket.h un.h  syslog.h  proc_fs.h socket.h  version.h

    Thank you very much!