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[bluetooth-dev] baud rate very slow

I use CASIRA(UART H4) with Bluecore software 11.3 and OpenBT Ver 0.0.6
to make a LAN access.                                                 
My system is                                                          
Kernel 2.4.2                                                          
OpenBT 0.0.6                                                          
CSR with H4 protocol running at 115200                                
Kernel 2.4.5                                                          
OpenBT 0.0.5                                                          
CSR with H4 protocol running at 115200                                
The system is working.  I make a PPP connection over RFCOMM and I am  
able to surf, telnet and ftp over Bluetooth.. But I have a baud rate  
very slow ( around 2 Kbytes/s ).                                      
Does anybody know what is happening?  Please answer me.               
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