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[bluetooth-dev] SDP-Client

Hello Mattias,

can you tell me who is working on the sdp-server and when there will be a 
sdp-client available?
I've tried to write Mats Friden <mats.friden@xxxxxxx.com> the author of the 
sdp-server but the mail returned with "Invalid address".

I'm working with the bluez-stack and there's a port of openbt sdp-server to 
bluez. Everything works fine but now i need a sdp-client. 

I started coding a client based on this work but it makes no sense to do this 
twice. Can you make a suggestion how we can handle this? The problem is 
surely that you have to distinguish between USER and KERNEL mode. I don't 
know if there is a possibility to create one application to run on different 
stacks without steady adaptations?


Heiko Buchholz
Student at the
Department of Computer Science
University of Rostock
e-Mail: buhzi@xxxxxxx.de
ICQ#: 81444204
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