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[bluetooth-dev] Unwanted authentication with Digianswer 1.09


I am unable to start the Dial-Up Networking profile after upgrading
Digianswer's Bluetooth Neighborhood client software from 1.08 to 1.09.
It is definitely the problem of Digianswer, and I only hope that someone
was able to fix it.

The server side chip is controlled by the recent CVS checkout of OpenBT
stack running on Linux.  The OpenBT stack receives the PIN_Code_Request
event from the chip.

The problem occurs when I select the Dialup Networking profile entry in
the list of Ericsson chip's services.  I am getting the dialog box asking
to enter the PIN Code.

The Serial Port profile is working fine and does not require

The following are the settings from the Bluetooth Neighborhood Properties:

         Trust Relationship: Automatically accept link

	Security Mode: No security
         Encryption Mode: (shaded) Disable
         Connectability Mode: Connectable mode
         Discoverability Mode: General Discoverable mode

         Bluetooth Bonding: Bondable mode
         Default Bluetooth Bonding Expiration: Bonding is never

Can I fix the problem by replying to authentication requests on the server
side?  The only related request I saw so far was the PIN_Code_Request HCI
event.  Currently, my configuration of OpenBT stack does not provide any
action upon receiving this event.  Thank you,


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