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Re: [bluetooth-dev] usb probelm

On Mon, Sep 24, 2001 at 04:20:43PM -0700, ni xiao wrote:
> Hi  Greg
> Thank you for your help. Now my usb trial progress a lot.
> rf_conn and ppp connection between two module can be created. can ping each
> other. But when I run internet explorer, it can not access any of external
> address, give me meesage "host connection broke". If I convert usb to uart,
> all of these work well. I wonder if there are wong packet sent back with
> usb, and I donot know usb bluetooth usb driver work mechanism. Have you
> tried ppp and explorer when you develop usb driver. Do you have any clue
> about these.

Sorry, I have no idea.  I was not able to try anything out when I
developed the driver, as I have never had access to a USB Bluetooth
device :)


greg k-h
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