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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Problem of Data Loss of Open BT stack


I might have a different problem when the data loss occured in the UART
HCI level.  I suspect that any Bluetooth layer is not supposed to be 100%

UDP protocol is not 100% reliable as well, and it is the application that
has to provide necessary reliability.  I know that the TCP protocol is
100% reliable.

Unfortunately, one kind of the lowest Bluetooth transport layers, namely
UART HCI, is poorly protected from de-synchronization of frame boundaries.
Receiving 5,700 characters per second seems to be a burden for our
embedded processor and/or serial driver.

Does anybody know if the cli(); instructions seen in the OpenBT code can
prevent the serial driver from handling interrupts?  Thank you,


On Fri, 28 Sep 2001, Hirotsugu Okura wrote:

> Does Open BT stack lose data when congestion occurs at Bluetooth radio
> link?

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