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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Ericsson ROK kit bit rate query

Hi Matthias,

HW/SW details-
Ericsson ROK kit - ROK101 008/21
Firmware version - P3G
Linux version - 2.4.2-2
> Are you using the recent CVS version of OpenBT ? 
Yes. version - 0.0.6

Code snippet added to reset the speed in btd.c - 
  spd = 115200;
  if (hw_init)
  fd_setup(phys_fd, spd, USE_FLOW_CTRL);
  tcflush(phys_fd, TCIOFLUSH);

The problem - 
The "COMMAND_COMPLETE" event is not received by the BT Host Controller.
The bytes received by the BT Host controller are discarded by the

Related observations - 
If I perform a readbd at this point, I get a valid address but only
after a command timeout. BT inquiry and rf_conn timeout and fail.

Interpretation of problem -
Upon resetting the baud rate of the BT host the "COMMAND_COMPLETE" event
is sent at the new baud rate of 115200. The BT host controller in the
meanwhile has not had enough time to respond to the changed baud rate.

Is this interpretation accurate? Could you advise on any incorrect steps
taken in restting the baud rate?



Matthias Fuchs wrote:
> Hi Vinay,
> there should be no problem usgin the ROK at baudrates up to 460800 baud
> if your UART supports that high baudrates.
> Nevertheless, 115200 should be no problem on standard PCs.
> Are you using the recent CVS version of OpenBT ? Which "kit" are you
> using ? There are some problem with really(!) old version of the ROK
> firmware. So what firmware is inside your modules ?
> Matthias
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