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[bluetooth-dev] Several ioctl() at the same time ?


I try to send a ioctl() with HCIPINCODEREPLY to the stack from a home-make
userland program. But when I send that, the stack doesn't do anything
because he is already dealing with  a BTCONNECT ioctl(). But it is in idle
mode (until timeout or CONNECTION_COMPLETE happen).
After a certain time, the BTCONNECT recieve an error return code (because of
the timeout), and
finaly, my ioctl with HCIPINCODEREPLY is treated by the stack. But of course
it is too late.

I need to send a ioctl command when the stack is already treating another
one. Is it possible ?

If it isn't, what is the goal of the HCIPINCODEREPLY which is in the
__bt_ioctl() function ?

Thank you for any information about that.
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