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Re: [bluetooth-dev] dirty code in bt_disconnect


a) I agree that the code retrieved off CVS repository at sourceforge.net
doesn't have initialization for the line variable in bt_disconnect() when
PSM is one of L2CAP_TEST*_LAYER.

b) Can anybody explain what is the purpose of monitoring file descriptor 0
in the main() function in apps/bluetooth/experimental/btd.c.  The FD_SET()
macro adds file descriptor 0 to the set of monitored desciptors.

c) The other issue: the handling of events from the descriptor 0 is empty
when the "IP assign" feature is disabled.

Besides, the "IP assign" Unix socket contains a for-loop where the body
doesn't depend on the loop count.  We are not using the "IP assign"


On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, Matthias Fuchs wrote:

> while compiling the openbt lkm gcc told me about an uninitialized
> variable in function bt_disconnect in bluetooth.c.

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