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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Still can't read rfcomm !

Hi everyone,

At 17:10 8.10.2001 +0200, Anders Torbjörn Johansson wrote:
>RFCOMM provides virtual serialports over bluetooth. This means that after 
>a connection is done you can place an application on top of which use 
>ttyBT0 - 6 (depending on which TTY you connected). Your application works 
>like any application that use a standard tty, you can write/read data from 
>it. With the control TTY (ttyBTC) you can send IOCTL:s to 
>connect/disconnect the connection etc.

So far looks like it's what I need....

>Have a look in btd.c located under apps/bluetooth/experimental to get a 
>basic idea how a server handling incoming RFCOMM requests and the starts a 
>PPP server etc works.

...but now I have to say that I found no clear clue to read, poll and write 
ttyBTx even less how to use controll signals.

Perhaps I have language barrier either with english or with C/C++  (or both!?).

My source set is extracted from  openbt-20010530.tar.gz packet. Is the file 
btd.c, located under apps/bluetooth/experimental, possibly
changed since that?

Best regards,

Markku Pirila

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