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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Still can't read rfcomm !

Thanks Peter for Your answer,

At 13:21 9.10.2001 +0200, Peter Kjellerstedt wrote:
> > -----Original Message-----

>.........The simplest (one way) example:
>After having started bti on both ends, run 'cat /dev/ttyBT0' on one
>end and on the other end run 'echo "Hello world!" >/dev/ttyBT0'.
>This should send the string "Hello world!" over the connection,
>and write it out on the receiving end.
>/dev/ttyBTx behave like files. You can open them, read and
>write to them, and close them. Whatever you write on one
>end will appear to be read from the other end.

Yes, I have allready done that with terminal applications.

>You will need to understand the open(), read(), write() and select()
>system calls to effectively write your own application to
>send data directly over RFCOMM.

Why do we have the stack if we must use system calls? I tought that stack 
would make the system invisible to programmer.
What for are functions like rfcomm_receive_data() or rfcomm_send_data() (in 


Markku Pirila

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