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[bluetooth-dev] Data stream and SCO Problem

Hi all

We have 2 Problems. At first we try to send data over a normal ACL Link.
If we send only text it works fine. But if we send binary data we have
only rubish on the receiver side. We analyzed the data and saw that the
transfer works fine, until we send 0x11 XON or 0x13 XOFF. The bytes
that Byte are in false order (45 47 89 00 instead of 47 45 00 89).
How are you transfer binary data over ACL, if you don't want to use ppp? 

The second problem is how to establish an SCO connection. Should we set
"define SCO_Link" to 1 in hci.c? We added an hci_add_sco_connection
function call to the btcon.c. But we can't compile it. We get all the
time an undefined reference error during compiling.

Thanks for any help and input

Luki and Dejan

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