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RE: [bluetooth-dev] write() or bt_write_top() with rfcomm

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> From: Markku Pirilš [mailto:markku.pirila@xxxxxxx.fi]
> Sent: 10 October 2001 10:17
> To: bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] write() or bt_write_top() with rfcomm
> Hi,
> Why do we have declaration like below in btd.c when sending something 
> through rfcomm?
> What's the difference?
> 	n = write(fd, tmp, i);
> #else
> 	n = bt_write_top(tmp, i, line);
> #endif
> Best regards,
> Markku Pirila

The stack can be compiled to run in user mode (using the files
in apps/bluetooth/userstack). In that case the code within
BTD_USERSTACK is used. Note that this only works with the old,
deprecated, version of btd. Also note that the user mode stack
is rather limited in its functionality.

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