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[bluetooth-dev] Beijing Tangfeng Culture Exchange Centre

This is a letter from Beijing,China, I apologize for disturbing you.If our information don't agree with your demand or make any trouble to you,please don't hesitate to write back to us,we will remove your email address from our list,we are very appreciated of it. Xiu Yuan Name: Beijing Tangfeng Culture Exchange Centre Address: No.210, Building 2, Party School of Beijing Municipal Government Committee,No.6 Chegongzhuang Street, Xicheng District,Beijing, China. Tel: 86-10-6800-1452 86-10-6800-3112 Fax: 86-10-6800-1452 Mobile Tel:13661361402 Homepage: Http://www.Tangfeng.org E-mail:Webmaster: postmaster@xxxxxxx.org VIP customers service: office@xxxxxxx.org Business customers service: business1@xxxxxxx.org business2@xxxxxxx.org xiuyuan@xxxxxxx.cn xiuyuan@xxxxxxx.org Dear Sir or Madam, Succeed!Hope!Ambition! Everybody who wants to do business in China,please contact with us .Here has a 1/4 population of the world,here has a wide market.With the development of economy and reformation ,there are too many opportunities in China.You know,China has succeeded in applying for holding the 2008 Olympic Sports Meeting .In the coming seven years,China must be the golden point in the world.It is full of competition in the 21th century.The international trade would be the large tendency.Mutual support and mutual aid is very necessary.Who can seize the chance ahead,who would be succeed.China is about to enter the WTO,then China will exert the enormous potential power.Welcome to invest in China.Welcome to cooperate with T&F.It is mutual beneficial for you and me.More and more people realize that China is not only the good manufacturing base,but also has the cheaper labour power.The scope of T&F can involve the computer,the industry ,heavy machines,petrochemical,textile ,communication,tran! sportation,metals and so on.The mo T&F is a specialized credit and status inquiry company. T&F is in close contact and builds many cooperative relationships with agencies in China. These include agencies such as the Trade & Industry Administration Department of China, China Statistics Bureau, China national Economy Information Centre along with many others. We have many business economist specialists, along with our investigative and administrative staff constitute a special and all around investigation by us. We can find the information you need to perform your business. T&F will provide accurate and credible investigation data, which you need to create a nation-wide and comprehensive reference report.Please contact us for assistance with any of these matters. At the same time, we should be pleased to hear if you would grant us the sole agency for China or you would be our agency for your district if you want. T&F will be provide a piece of accurate and credible investigation data, which you want about achieving nation-wide and comprehensive reference report forever! Please visit our Homepage: http://www.tangfeng.org , write or e-mail to T&F promptly, if you are interested in it. T&F shall be pleased to render you any further services. God will help those who help themselves.Waiting for your reply. Very truly yours, Beijing Tangfeng Culture Exchange Center Xiu Yuan ================================================================= 本邮件采用搜易邮件群发服务器软件发送——无需SMTP中继高速群发,快极了! 主页:http://seekease.onchina.net 镜像:http://seekeasy.onchina.net 注意:本软件仅限于合法用途,如果发送垃圾邮件造成后果概由使用者自行承担! - To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe bluetooth-dev" in the body of a message to majordomo@xxxxxxx.com