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[bluetooth-dev] Where to store link keys ?


I'm trying to understand how should exactly work the security manager for
PIN code an LINK_KEYS.
When connecting, if the orther bluetooth module need a PIN, it will return a
PIN_CODE_REQUEST event that is forwarded to security manager in userland.
The security manager have to ask the PIN to the user and have to return it
to the driver to finish conneciton establishment. For PIN, it's OK.

But for LINK_KEYS, I've some problem to understand. I see three things :

- The module can answer to HCI commands like "HCI Read Stored Link Key" and
"HCI Read Stored Link Key". So with that, I think that current link key is
stored in the module. But because the same module can generate the event
"Return Link Keys" (with several link keys), can it store all used link_keys ?

- In the stack, the sec_client.c implemented a local list (a pointer list)
of link keys. But if the stack recieve a "Link Key Request", it doesn't look
in this list, but it forwards the question in userland to the security

So, Normally should link keys be stored in userland (by security manager),
in kernel land (in the local list), or in the bluetooth module ?

It seems logical to me that this link key have to be stored in userland so
that it can be saved in a file and the pairing can bee kept event if the
device has been shutted down.

If someone can give me some explanation, I'll be very gratefull.
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