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[bluetooth-dev] getrfcommdlci


I "my btd.c" I need to start different application depending on the
rfcomm serverchannel that the client connects to. Therefore I changed
dicover_connections() in a way where it uses a switch statement with the
rfcomm dlci as argument. My intention is to start

	1) pppd without modem emulation on rfcomm server channel 1
	2) pppd withmodem emulation on rfcomm server channel 2
	3) my special serial port application on rfcomm server channel 3.

No problem. I wrote a new ioctl to the stack that returns this rfcomm
channel number (dlci).
Is there anybody willing to check this in ? Or is there already a
function to do this ? 

I think this is a good approach towards a more universal bluetooth
manager (ubtm :-) ...

I will post a patch, if I get any comments.

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