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[bluetooth-dev] HELP on Init_phys() not implemented!

Hi, All
I am new to AXIS, I just download the new version and try to start it.
My hardhare is CSR with USB port. When I build it, I set the CSR in btconfig.h by following the README file. In the README file, there is another instruction that I should set HW_CURRENT to whatever I have in the btd.c file. First I find there are 3 btd.c and none of them have the HW_CURRENT.  So I did not change the btd file.
Now, after I compile and install them, I start "btd -r client", it said the init_phys() not implemented.  Even after I force the the value to CSR in the hw_vender(), I actually got an error of "Init Stack:Operation not permitted!".
Please help me with this.