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[bluetooth-dev] USA tech support


I recently purchased four Axis 2100 cameras. Shortly after installation, I
developed some problems. I emailed support@xxxxxxx.com and gave a very robust
explanation of my problem. I received a very terse and uninformative reply.
I asked for further clarification and was told that the issue had been
closed and that no further questions would be answered. Subsequently, I
attempted to open a new issue twice, but received no reply.

My question is this: How do I configure a 2100 so that it will reestablish
an FTP session if its open session fails? For instance, if I am transfering
images (in sequential mode) over a DSL link and the link stops working for
a few minutes, how do I get the 2100 to reestablish FTP without manually
restarting the camera?

I had planned to purchase several more units, but I will not be interested
in doing that if I am going to be ignored by your tech support department.

Dennis Toeppen

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