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[bluetooth-dev] Help inexpert in receiving data


I have two Linux PC:s communicating ower the Bluetooth link. My openbt 
stack and demo programs are version 0.0.4.
In later versions there is huge amount of  modifications and improvements 
but i'm not very interested to change
because i have edited btd.c and other files so much. I don't use higher 
levels of the stack than rfcomm.

My problem is:

How to receive and display the data sended by remote device? This task is 
not implemented in 0.4 version of the btd.
I mean in such a way that after connection has made i can immediately see 
received data on screen.

I have found several receiving related functions but i don't know wich of 
them to use and how should the receiving be implemented.
Is there already for example some buffer status or variable wich i should 
use as an indicator when the data is available?
If i have to poll the tty while showing the menu and being ready to process 
user commands, how it sould be done?

Hopefully someone has time to think about these problems even if he/she is 
busy and working with much more complicated topics.

Thanks in advance and with Best Regards,

Markku Pirila

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