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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Help inexpert in receiving data

At 13:12 25.10.2001 +0200, you wrote:
>Once you have the RFCOMM connection setup, you should be
>able to use /dev/ttyBT0 as a normal serial port. What you
>write to it should appear on the other end of the Bluetooth

While there is the menu prompt visible btd just thinks i'm giving commands 
and says something like "command not recognized".
Is it even possible to read keyboard commands and tty at the same time?

I'm sorry to bother you because this doesn't anymore seem to be OpenBT 
question, but it's problem for me anyway.
If someone who reads this knows a better forum for this kind of questions 
i'm grateful for any help.
I mean tricks to do things and c-programming syntax. (rather tricks)

Best Regards,

Markku Pirila

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