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Re: Pcmcia card speed

On Thu, 25 Oct 2001 17:55:57 -0700
Jean Tourrilhes <jt@xxxxxxx.com> wrote:

> 	Hi Frank,

> 	I have a Brainbox Pcmcia card (H4) and I have been following
> your instructions :
> 	If I use a baudrate of 460800, the stack works fine (I can do
> inquiry and the like). If I use a baudrate of 921600, nothing works
> (inquiry returns a failure).
> 	At 921600 bps, I get the following errors :
> --------------------------------------
> BT SYS: ERROR: hci_receive_data: discarding 3 bytes
> BT SYS: ERROR: hci_receive_data: discarding 5 bytes
> --------------------------------------
> 	A quick look in the source code mention is it's probably due
> to invalid speed setting on the serial port. On the other hand, you
> claim to have it working at 921600.

This sounds very strange.
I can only talk from my experience with BlueZ and here everything works
find when setting the serial port's rate to 115200 because the card itself
will then deal with the rest, i.e. it really connects at 921600 because
the UART chip inside the card is modified this way.
So maybe you can also try this with the Axis stack?

> 	My guess is that it's because I'm using kernel 2.4.12. Which
> kernel are you using ?
I am using BlueZ on 2.4.12 and 2.4.7-rmk3-np1 on StrongARM ;)
With PCMCIA, CF and USB all working perfectly.

> 	Thanks in advance...
> 	Jean
  nils faerber

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