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A question about the Page

Hi, all,

    I have a question about the SR mode.
    From the Table 10.1 on Spec page 97, if the SR mode is R1, the Tpage
scan should <=1.28S and Npage should >=128. Does the Spec mean the BD
can choose any value for Tpage scan as long as the value <=1.28S? And
does the Spec mean the BD can choose any value for Npage as long as the
value >=128?

    And, I found the HCI command HCI_Write_Page_Scan_Activity can
specify the Page_Scan_Interval and Page_Scan_Window. I think the
Page_Scan_Interval just the Tpage scan. So, I don't know the value of
Tpage scan should be generate by upper layer or by link manager.

    I think link manager should generate Npage.

    And, I don't know in the Page Scan state, the value of Npage and
Tpage scan will be changed or not in different scan window?

    Thanks in advance!

Best Regards!