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RE: Problem In Sending Data

 	For sending data, i think u can follow a post called "RE: [bluetooth-dev] Still can't read rfcomm !" , it told us hold could we do this. It's as follow :

	After having started bti and btcon on both ends, run 'cat /dev/ttyBT0' on one
	end and on the other end run 'echo "Hello world!" >/dev/ttyBT0'.
	This should send the string "Hello world!" over the connection,
	and write it out on the receiving end.

 	But in addition, does anyone knows how to retrieve incoming data buffers or which method I should use in doing so? I found a couple of methods called bt_receive_top(), hci_receive_data() and rfcomm_receive_data(), which is one is th esuitable one if I need to read the buffer in KERNEL mode?