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[bluetooth-dev] Re: New security manager for BlueZ.

Sound flaky from this POV. But Whould it be cool if the PIN can be generated automaticly  that way it is "HARDER" for the device pin to be cracked..  ya know

somethine like gen_password() ...  But what do I know I still strugling with a way of synchronizing a secure data session with out exposing my pins.   I assuem the connect is always unsecure, thus limits me..

On Mon, 29 Oct 2001 13:46:55  
 Maksim Krasnyanskiy wrote:
>I though this could interesting for OpenBT folks as well. 
>Sorry if it's not.
>>I got a good news for you. We have pretty much complete support for Bluetooth security level 3 and 1 :).
>>Now you should be able to talk to all those fancy Bluetooth phones and stuff that require authentication 

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