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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Re: New security manager for BlueZ.

>Sound flaky from this POV. 
What sounds flaky the whole thing :) ?
What is the fundamental problem ? 

btw From the rest of your letter it seems that you meant "it's sounds ok" 
but "flaky" usually means "markedly odd or unconventional" :)

>But Whould it be cool if the PIN can be generated automaticly  that way it is "HARDER" for the device pin to be cracked..  ya know
>somethine like gen_password() ...  But what do I know I still strugling with a way of synchronizing a secure data session with out exposing my pins.  
>I assuem the connect is always unsecure, thus limits me..
Well, PIN can't be auto-generated on both sides. And yes we can definitely do it in PIN helper.


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