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RE: [bluetooth-dev] How to join a existing piconet ?

Joining the second client should be no different from joining
the third. We have used OpenBT running on CSR bc01 with seven 
clients (requires firmware 12.x). You need to make sure
CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_EARLY_MSSWITCH is defined (otherwise the
scatternet version is used, which obviously does not work with
CSR). It should be defined automatically if you have selected
CSR hardware and support for master/slave switch.


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> Sent: 31 October 2001 17:45
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> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] How to join a existing piconet ?
> We have a piconet with a master and two slaves. Now, a fourth 
> unit wishes to communicate with the master of the existing
> piconet. The specification explains how to do this with the
> creation of a temporary scatternet, and then the fourth unit
> is acting as a third slave of the old piconet. However, scatternet
> functionality is not implemented in CSRs BlueCore01b because of
> errors in the BT specification regarding scatternets.
> Does anybody have an idea on how to implement the possibility 
> of a new unit joining an existing piconet with the technology
> available ??
> Regards,
> Aasmund Sandvand
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