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Re: [bluetooth-dev] [PATCH] Brainbox 620 Pcmcia card at 921600 baud

On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 11:19:24AM +0100, Johan Adolfsson wrote:
> I don't know if it will work for you, but I added support to OpenBT
> to specifiy the baudrate as "baudbase/divisor" that will use the
> SETSERIAL ioctl() to specify baudbase and custom _divisor.
> In theory you shouldn't need setserial but I guess it only works if
> the driver knows how to change to the correct baudbase...
> /Johan

	You have to be careful there. The baudbase and custom divisor
is a property of the UART, not of the BlueTooth chip, and the two
things are orthogonal. You may have a CSR chip mated with a wide
variety of UARTs (example : the Brainboxes Pcmcia and CF cards use two
totally different UARTs, and the Casira board will use the regular
16550 UART).
	In the case of the Brainboxes Pcmcia card, it make sense to
change the baud_base *only* if you set the WMSR to the corresponding
value. In other words, if you add support for baud_base but not WMSR,
the result will be undefined. But this is specific to this precise
implementation of the UART.
	I don't know what's the proper approach here. My approach was
that before to start the BlueTooth stack, it was the responsability of
the user (or whatever init script) to put the UART in a sensible
configuration through setserial.


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