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Re: [bluetooth-dev] How to join a existing piconet ?


CSR supports barge-in connections - the new device performs

This momentarily creates a limited scatternet. This is the only manner in which

CSR currently supports scatternets.  Functionality in this state is severely
so the state must be transient.

You configure the original master to enable role switch on fresh connections.
You then get it to perform a page-scan.

The fourth device can now join the established piconet by paging the
original master. The fourth device's host then requests a role switch and so
becomes a slave of the original master.

(I've just posted the same reply to the "Forum" on the CSR web site,
where you asked the same question.)


A.Sandvand@xxxxxxx.com wrote:

> We have a piconet with a master and two slaves. Now, a fourth unit wishes
> to communicate with the master of the existing piconet.
> The specification explains how to do this with the creation of a temporary
> scatternet, and then the fourth unit is acting as a third slave of the old
> piconet.
> However, scatternet functionality is not implemented in CSRs BlueCore01b
> because of errors in the BT specification regarding scatternets.
> Does anybody have an idea on how to implement the possibility of a new unit
> joining an existing piconet with the technology available ??
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