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[bluetooth-dev] Operation not permitted????

Dear all,
              I have some installation problem of the stack (openbt-20011020). Which cannot find the "bt.o" in the file. Could anyone tell me the correct procedure??
             I have just enter the  console mode, Typed:
             1. cd openbt
             2. source init_env
             3. make
             4. make install
             5. make devs
             6. insmod src/bt.o  (i cannot do this step!!!! It shows no such file or directory)  Then i go to /root/openbt/linux/driver/char/bluetooth. Typed
"insmod bt.o" instead.
             7. tail -f /var/log/messages (it holds here and i don;t know what is the main function of this step, could anyone tell me??)
              8. i go to /root/openbt/apps/bluetooth/btd and typed  "./btd -r client" run as a client. When iniatalize the stack, it shows "Operation not permitted" Why??
             Could anyone tell me what is the step i am wrong?? Thank you!