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[bluetooth-dev] Can't write to the ttyBT

Hi everybody,
	I am facing a problem when sending data. I am currently use redhat7.2 and 
kernel 2.4.7 together with the latest release of openbt 0.0.8. After I have 
started bti and connected by using btcon, i can use "cat" and "echo" to send 
some text. However, whenever I want to write to the /dev/ttyBT0 ( i use it 
by default), there is no response. I trace the code and find that 
write(bt_fd, data, len) is probably the correct way in doing so for KERNEL 
mode, but I still can't manage to send data through...............
	Could anyone teach me how to send text through the link and how to use it?? 
will bt_write_top() and bt_receive_top() helpful in KERNEL stack??
Best regards,

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